Grok 1.5, the next-generation AI model for Elon Musk-owned, has been announced. Elon Musk has given this information on his official X handle. Many new features and the latest language model will be given in it. According to the blog post, Grok 1.5 is in the testing process these days.

It can be given on X in the next few days. Also, it will be gradually extended to all the users. has also confirmed that new features will be added in the coming days. Let us know about it.

You will get many new features
Grok 1.5 will get better reasoning and problem-solving capabilities. In this, you will get better performance in terms of performing tasks related to coding and mathematics. According to the company's testing, Grok 1.5 has achieved a score of 50.66 on the Match benchmark and a 90% score on the GSM8K benchmark. Additionally, it scored 74.1% on the HumanEval benchmark, which evaluates code generation and problem-solving capabilities.

Ability to understand long and complex prompts easily
Cutting-edge large language models (LLMs) research runs on large-scale GPU clusters. Besides, robust and flexible infrastructure is also available in it. Grok-1.5 is built on a custom distributed training framework based on JAX, Rust, and Kubernetes.

This training stack enables our team to prototype ideas and train new architectures at scale with minimal effort. The latest Large Language Model (LLM) can easily understand long and complex prompts. Whereas it also can expand the context window.

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