Marriage is considered a sacred relationship, two strangers tie the knot and then live together for the rest of their lives. Some marry in arranged marriage i.e. according to the choice of family members, while some marry in love marriage i.e. according to their choice. No problem is seen in an arranged marriage, but even today only family members are seen standing against love marriage. At the same time, couples have to face the most problems in inter-caste marriages, because people oppose this marriage. On the other hand, the couple who does an inter-caste marriage gets financial assistance of Rs 2.5 lakh. So let's know how this can happen. In the next slides, you can know about this schemeā€¦

Know about the scheme
Scheme Name- Dr. Ambedkar Foundation
Benefits- Financial assistance of Rs 2.50 lakh is given to the couple doing inter-caste marriage.
Main Eligibility- For this, one of the couples must be from outside the Dalit community and the other must belong to the Dalit community.

Pay special attention to these things:-
Number 1
If you want to apply to Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, your marriage must be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1995. You can get this work done by putting in an affidavit.

Number 2
If you are doing an inter-caste marriage, then you need to know that only those people who are getting married for the first time get the benefit of this scheme. Couples who marry for the second or more time are considered ineligible.

Number 3
If you are eligible for the scheme, then you can apply for this scheme within one year of your marriage. After this, the process from filling out the form till the investigation is done and if everything is found correct, the couple is given the benefit.

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