Smartphones have become an important part of our lives. Or we can say that this is the basic need of our life. Studies, connectivity, meetings, official work, nowadays everything is being done through phone only. Overall, smartphones have made our lives much easier. Some people are so addicted to mobile phones that they use them for hours. People keep using mobiles day and night, morning and evening while moving around. Although using a mobile at any time for long time causes harm, the biggest harm is caused by using the phone at night. If you also spend hours staring at your phone before sleeping, then change this habit from today, otherwise, you may have to face many serious problems. Let us know its disadvantages from experts. Dr. Madhukar Bhardwaj, Senior Consultant, Aakash Healthcare is giving information about this.

Side effects of using a mobile phone at night

Damage to eyes

It harms the eyes the most. The eye is the most delicate part of our body. The blue light of mobile can cause great harm to your eyes. When we look at a mobile phone, we blink less and excessive exposure to blue light damages the sensitive cells of the retina. This causes pain, dryness, and itching in the eyes. In serious conditions, eyesight may be affected.

Diabetes problem

Using a mobile at night can make you a victim of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease related to a bad lifestyle. If you use your mobile till late at night, it will spoil your lifestyle and gradually you will become a diabetic patient.

Effect on brain health

If you use a mobile phone before sleeping, it also affects your brain a lot. The brain remains active and is not able to go into resting mode. In such a situation, the sleeping pattern gets disturbed. By using your mobile till late at night, you can sleep less and you do not feel fresh in the morning. Laziness and irritability persist throughout the day. Due to lack of sleep, your brain health also gets affected a lot. You may suffer from forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating.

Stress and headache

Using a mobile phone till late at night reduces the level of melatonin hormone, due to which you may get stressed. You may also suffer from headaches due to the radiation emitted from mobile phones.

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