You are talking to someone on the phone and they complement your voice. When you sing a song, then people praised your voice, but why don't you like your own voice? When you send a recording to someone, obviously you must be listening to your own voice, and in such a situation, you often cringe when you hear your own voice.

Some people even have a phobia of hearing their own voices. Yes, the name of this phobia of not being able to hear your own voice is 'Voice Confrontation' in which you do not like your own voice at all.

Wondering how we found this out? Hey, it's not just your problem. This problem is of many brothers and sisters like you, me and us. But have you ever wondered why it happens that our own voice is sent in the recordings, why we do not like ourselves? There is a straightforward reason for this, but for that, it is necessary to understand a little science. Then without delay, let us know in this article what the big reason behind it is!

Why don't you like your own voice?

Actually when you hear people talking, sound waves ie sound waves go through the air to your ears. This causes your eardrum to vibrate and your brain then converts those vibrations into sound.

However, when you are talking, your vocal cords and airways also vibrate. What this means plain and simple is that you get two sources of sound: the sound waves that travel to your ears from your voice and the vibrations of the vocal cords.

Through much research, scientists have found that when we talk it seems as if everyone hears the voice through the speaker, but we hear it through a cave complex inside our heads. Sound travels around our sinuses, all the spaces in our heads and our middle ears, which changes the way we hear compared to other people.

People perceive their sound as a combination of those two sources, but everyone else only hears external stimuli. This is why when you hear your voice in the recording, it sounds completely different. You only hear the external stimulus instead of the combination of the two sounds.

If I tell you this in very simple Hindi, then it is such that when we are speaking, our voice reaches our ears through the bone of the head, due to which the base of the voice increases but the pitch decreases. Is.

People can't even recognize their own voice

Come on, not liking your voice is a different matter, but are you not one of those people who do not recognize their voice at all? Most people are not so used to hearing their voices in the recordings and hence they do not recognize their real voices.

One study, during which people were played a recording of their own voice, found that only 38% could immediately recognize their own voice. When we hear our own voice in a recording, it can often feel surprising and disconcerting. Those of us who hear our own voice repeatedly become used to the sound we hear in our head, even if it sounds bad.

Can the voice be changed?

If someone is troubled by his voice, then for this he can take the help of a trained voice therapist. Such therapists help patients improve their cadence. Not only this but many types of exercises are also done to correct the rhythm of their pitch. In simple words, consider it exactly like physiotherapy, the only difference is that this physiotherapy is for voice

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