The instant messaging app has brought a new update for the users of WhatsApp. If you also use this popular messaging app of Meta, then the new update is going to be useful for you. A new feature is being introduced for users on WhatsApp, with the help of which long voice messages can be gotten rid of.

Whatsapp is used by every class of users. In such a situation, sometimes the information about important meetings also comes from the business and office group. Important information is missed if the messages coming from these groups are ignored for a long time.

Many times users receive voice messages in such groups. In such a situation, the problem arises when it is necessary to listen to these voice messages and the user is also short of time. Sometimes it is difficult to hear such voice messages amidst the crowd present on the metro and bus. Keeping this problem in mind, a new feature of WhatsApp is being introduced.

WabetaInfo gave information about the new feature of WhatsApp
WabetaInfo, a website that monitors WhatsApp updates, has claimed that the company is going to introduce the transcription feature very soon for the users. Although information about such a feature was given by WabetaInfo in the year 2021 itself, due to some reason the work on this feature of the company was stopped.

At the same time, it has been confirmed that WhatsApp will soon introduce the transcription feature to get rid of boring voice messages.

Speech detection is necessary for voice messages for transcription
In the latest beta for iOS update, WabetaInfo has found that WhatsApp has resumed work on the voice note transcribing feature. However, work on this feature is still going on. It has been told that transcription will be generated only when speech is detected in the voice message.