If you use WhatsApp then this information is going to prove very useful for you.

Are you also forced to open and check messages from unknown numbers on chatting apps? Opening the chat page of any unknown number can sometimes cause a big problem.

Many times, when the chat page of such a number is opened, the media file gets auto-downloaded, not only this, but many times users fall into some kind of trap and click on any suspicious link.

Take care of your security on WhatsApp
By using WhatsApp, you can take care of your security in a better way. Now you will not even need to open the app to block an unknown number.

Actually, WhatsApp has introduced a new way for its users to block unknown numbers.

With this new method, WhatsApp users can identify any unknown message from the lock screen of their phone and simultaneously block the number.

Unknown numbers will be blocked on WhatsApp in seconds
WhatsApp has also shared a video regarding this method of blocking unknown numbers. WhatsApp has also shared this trick video on its official WhatsApp account to make users aware.

How to block unknown numbers on WhatsApp
If you are not using WhatsApp and some WhatsApp messages come back to back with notifications on the lock screen, then you can block the number from the lock screen itself.

For this, the block option will be visible only on such messages from WhatsApp. If you tap on the block option on the message, the number will be blocked from the lock screen itself.

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