Are you worried about your increasing weight?

Do you want to lose weight fast?

But are not willing to diet?

So you don't understand what to do?

So you do not need to worry because you can lose weight even without dieting. Yes, today we are going to tell you 5 such ways, with the help of which you can lose up to 3 kg without dieting. We got this information from the Instagram account of NiharikaBudhwani, an expert on Health Hatch.

Sometimes you just want to lose weight quickly, whether there's a big opportunity coming up or you just want to look great and feel confident. Although it is not easy, it is possible to lose those extra kilos quickly and we know that it takes a lot of effort and dedication to achieve it. But you just need to make the right choice.

Several methods can help you eat fewer calories with ease. These are effective ways to reduce your weight as well as prevent weight gain in the future. Here are some tips to lose weight without dieting-

Eat little by little (Control your portion)

Eating little by little plays an important role. Eat mindfully and pay attention to your diet. Avoid eating with distractions like phones, TV, etc. Large portions encourage people to eat more and have been linked to increased weight gain and obesity. A study on adults found that doubling the size of dinner appetizers increased calorie intake by 30%. Slightly smaller servings can help you eat significantly fewer calories. And you probably won't even notice the difference.

Protein in every meal

About 70% of Indians have a diet deficient in protein. And protein helps in keeping us full for a long time and building muscles. Make a conscious effort to add protein to each meal.

Yes, protein has a powerful effect on appetite. It can increase feelings of satiety, reduce appetite and help you eat fewer calories. This may be because protein affects several hormones that play a role in hunger and fullness, including ghrelin and GLP-1. Some examples of protein-rich foods include chicken breast, fish, Greek yoghurt, lentils, quinoa and almonds.


To achieve this goal, include only one bowl of salad in your lunch and dinner. Eating fibre-rich foods can increase satiety, making you feel fuller for longer. Studies also indicate that one type of fibre, viscous fibre, is particularly helpful for weight loss. It increases fullness and reduces food intake.

Viscous fibre forms a gel when it comes in contact with water. This gel prolongs the absorption time of nutrients and slows down the emptying of your stomach.


Non-exercise activity thermogenesis means burning calories without exercising. For example: increase your step count, stand up more often, etc.


The fluid requirement per day should be 40ml x body weight. Try to include water, soup, water, etc. Drinking water can help you eat less and lose weight, especially if you drink it before a meal. A study on adults found that drinking half a litre of water about 30 minutes before a meal reduced appetite and calorie intake. You may experience an even greater effect if you replace calorie-laden drinks like soda or juice with water.

By trying these 5 tips, you can reduce your weight up to 3 kg.

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