Weight Loss After 40: Whatever the age, weight loss is not easy. But after 40 years it becomes even more difficult. At this age, metabolism slows down and instead of losing weight, it starts increasing. This is the reason why it is said that even at the age of 40, the same diet should be taken as at the age of 30. According to health experts, at the age of 40, any person becomes more intelligent, experienced and confident. He can do everything. For this reason, metabolism slows down at this age and it becomes difficult to lose weight. But if you want then even at this age the weight can be easily reduced. Let's know how...

Don't cut carbs
Carb works as fuel in our bodies. Removing it from the diet can cause problems like constipation, fatigue and irritability. After the age of 40, the daily carb requirement decreases. Therefore, instead of completely removing the carb from the diet, reduce them. A woman may need 40 to 50 grams of carbs every day. One roti or rice, beans, pulses and salad can be included in the diet. Such a diet will increase metabolism and help in weight loss.

Relax the body
Nowadays, stress has started increasing due to work. It affects badly in every age. According to the American Heart Association, if someone remains under stress for a long time, then his stress hormones can become active. Weight gain can be due to stress. In such a situation, after the age of 40, to boost the metabolism of the body, try to reduce stress and let the body relax.

Include vegetables in the diet every day
After the age of 40, some people pay more attention to food and health. In such a situation, all types of vegetables should be included in the diet. Having more vegetables in the diet helps a lot in reducing blood sugar levels, insulin levels and weight. Two to three cups of vegetables should be included in every day's diet.

How to avoid good sleep
If you want to lose weight at the age of 40, then good sleep can be helpful for you. Therefore, change your sleep routine and first of all fix the time to sleep. The bed on which you sleep is comfortable and the mattress is good. Remember never to consume alcohol or caffeine before sleeping. By doing this, metabolism improves and weight loss starts.