Shoe Cleaning Hacks: Most people like to wear shoes in the winter season. Talking about shoes, they start getting dirty after a while. You must have also seen the shoes getting spoiled due to dust.

To make the shoes new, if you also wash them again and again, then definitely read this article. We adopt different methods to clean the shoes, due to which they get old very quickly. Let us know what things should be taken care of before cleaning the shoes.

Avoid frequent washing

Some people start washing their shoes, again and again, to clean them, which is wrong. By using water, the shoes do not get dirty at that time, but they get worn out very quickly. In such a situation, the right way is to clean the soil on the top of the shoes daily with the help of a cloth. If the soil is more then you can also use a dry cloth.

Avoid scrubbing

The scrub should never be used to clean dirty stains on shoes. Cleaning with iron scrubs, in particular, can tear the fabric of the shoe. The right way is to just clean the stains with the help of a cloth or with the help of a soft scrub.

Do not apply soap-detergent repeatedly

Some people repeatedly apply soap or detergent on the shoes to clean the dirt, due to which the colour of the shoes starts getting lighter. Try to clean the shoes properly with the help of soap only once a month. Apart from this, do not apply soap on the shoes at all. If you keep cleaning the soil daily with a cloth, it will automatically get cleaned.

Why avoid washing in the washing machine?

Along with all these points, also keep in mind that does not wash the shoes again and again in the washing machine. This also has a bad effect on your shoes especially on the colour and quality of the shoes.

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