Vitamin D helps to reduce Cholesterol: Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient. Due to vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus are absorbed in the body. If Vitamin D is in sufficient quantity in the body, it increases good cholesterol and eliminates bad cholesterol. According to Harvard Medical Research, Vitamin D does not allow cancer cells to flourish in the body and helps in eliminating inflammation from the cells. According to the study, many organs and tissues of our body have access to vitamin D, which is used far beyond bone strength. Scientists are trying to find out which diseases can be prevented by Vitamin D.

Although the biggest source of vitamin D is sunlight, vitamin D can also be obtained from many other things. Vitamin D prevents many diseases related to the heart. The right amount of Vitamin D improves mood.

Benefits of Vitamin D to the body
1. Heart Disease: Economic Times has quoted experts as saying that if there is a sufficient amount of Vitamin D in the body, it never allows heart-related diseases to erupt in the body. Vitamin D destroys bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. If vitamin D is in sufficient quantity, then the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, congestive heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, stroke, and heart attack is avoided. That is, to prevent these diseases from spreading, the body becomes steel and stands in front of it.

2. Immunity- If Vitamin D is in sufficient quantity in the body, then the production of T-cells gets accelerated. T-cells is the most important weapon of immunity. Due to this, it prevents any kind of external attack i.e. infection of the virus, bacteria, fungus etc. in the body. Due to these three microorganisms, many diseases occur in the body.

3. High BP- On the basis of many studies, it has been found that the right amount of Vitamin D reduces the risk of hypertension i.e. high BP to a great extent.

4. Improves Mood- Vitamin D on daily basis can improve your mood, especially in winter and dreary time of the month. According to studies, due to the deficiency of Vitamin D3, depression on the slope of the season ie Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) occurs. Vitamin D3 deficiency occurs in the absence of light.

5. Muscles grow- Due to a sufficient amount of vitamin D, muscles grow well. If the muscles are not strong, then we fall again and again, which can cause fractures in the bones. This can cause a lot of trouble in the elderly.

6. Cancer prevention- Vitamin D also helps in repairing damaged or broken cells. Studies have shown that adequate amounts of vitamin D prevent cancer cells from growing.