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Birds have special importance in our lives. They are an important part of nature. The chirping of birds and their beauty makes one realize the beauty of nature. Many people also give importance to the painting of birds for home decoration. Paintings of birds bring a natural feel to the house. According to Vastu tips, these pictures not only make the house beautiful but also increase the positive energy in the house. If your luck is not on your side then putting pictures of birds in the house can be beneficial.

Where should the photo of which bird be taken?

Bird: A bird is a symbol of simplicity and happiness in life. Placing a picture of a sparrow in the east direction brings positivity to the house.

Peacock: Placing a picture of a peacock in the north and south directions creates a happy atmosphere in the house. Peacock is considered a symbol of love, beauty, and uniqueness.

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Neelkanth: The picture of the Neelkanth bird brings positive energy and peace to the house. North-east direction is the most suitable direction for placing photographs.

Parrot: Placing a picture of a parrot in the northwest direction increases prosperity and communication skills in the house.

Pigeon: The picture of the pigeon gives the message of peace and love in the house. It should be installed in the west direction. White pigeons, which are seen as love birds, especially bring positivity and love to the home.

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Pictures of these birds should not be posted in the house

Wild Birds: However, when we take pictures of birds indoors, we must keep in mind what kind of birds we are taking pictures of. Pictures of wild birds like vultures, owls, crows, bats, etc. should not be kept in the house.