A person is troubled by debt somewhere in his life, and he has to face a money crunch and financial crisis in his life, if he understands the same with you and you are troubled by work, then you can take some such measures, You can get rid of your debt.

Tuesday's auspicious day

If you are troubled by debt, then you can take some measures, today we are telling you the solution, always choose Tuesday as the day to repay the loan installment. By returning the money, the debt is quickly repaid.

Place a mirror in the northeast direction.

The washroom built in the south-west part of the house can also increase the debt burden of the person, so in which direction the washing should not be made in the house, along with this, put glass in the north-east direction, this will help you get rid of debt. Premlal Sundaria of glass should not be of maroon color, the lighter and bigger the partner is, the more loan may have to be taken.