Valentine's Day 2023 History: Just as there is no age to love, there is no day, week or month to love. Love can be expressed at any time. But it is not that easy to express love. That's why February 14 is a very special day for those in love. It is called love month or month of love.

A week before February 14, the season of love i.e. Valentine's Week begins and the youth especially celebrate different days of Valentine's Week. However, very few people know why Valentine's Day is celebrated, why it was fixed on February 14 and what is the history behind its celebration. You must have known about Valentine's Day. But let us inform you about the history and some important facts related to this day.

Story of Valentine's Day
The mention of Valentine's Day is found in the book 'Aurea of Jacobus de Varajin'. According to this, this day is dedicated to Saint Valentine, the priest of Rome. Saint Valentine was in 270 AD and he used to promote love. Saint Valentine used to share the message of love all over the world.

However, at that time, King Claudius of Rome was strongly opposed to love affairs. He did not believe in love and love marriage. King Claudius believed that due to love or attachment or inclination towards someone, the soldiers' attention is distracted and that is why the Romans did not want to join the army. That's why Claudius also banned the marriage and engagement of soldiers in Rome.

Saint Valentine protested about this and raised his voice. Saint Valentine went against the king of Rome and got many marriages done. For this reason, Saint Valentine was hanged. This day was the day of 14 February. Saint Valentine had also written a letter to the daughter of the king's jailer before his execution. In this, Saint Valentine talked about donating his eyes to his blind daughter after his death.

Even if Saint Valentine was crucified. But for those who love, they became immortal and every year in memory of Saint Valentine, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 and it is called the day of lovers.

When was the first Valentine's Day celebrated?
According to the news, the first Valentine's Day was celebrated in 496. Even today, on February 14, Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world. But it first started with the Roman Festival. By the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 to be St. Valentine's Day, and it has been celebrated ever since. For the Romans, it is celebrated like a festival and mass marriages also take place on this day.