The accounts of many users are suspended on Twitter. But under the new rules of the company, suspended users will be able to appeal for the reinstatement of their account. This will especially benefit those users whose number of followers is very high.

The accounts of many users on Twitter get suspended for one reason or the other. Due to this, the users are very upset. But now Twitter has brought good news for all these users. Twitter has made a new announcement for suspended users.

what is this new announcement?

Twitter has announced that its suspended users will now be able to appeal for reinstatement of their accounts from February 1. The company will consider suspending and evaluating accounts under the social media platform's new reinstatement criteria.

According to media reports, under the new norms, Twitter accounts will be suspended for serious cases or repeated violations of the platform's existing policies. These serious policy violations include engaging in illegal content or activity, inciting or threatening violence or harm, and engaging in targeted harassment of other users.

Now there will be less action

Twitter also said that under the new rules, the company will take less severe action than account suspension in the future. For users who will now violate the policies of the micro-blogging platform, access to tweets of those users will now be limited. Along with this, users will be asked to delete their tweets only while continuing to use their accounts.

Why did Twitter change the rules?

Significantly, in December, some journalists published public data about Twitter CEO Elon Musk's plane. This angered Mask and he suspended the accounts of several journalists. However, later the accounts of those journalists were also restored by the company. After this incident, there was a lot of opposition to Alan Mask. Users also raised questions about the suspension rules of the company. Seeing all these, Twitter changed its rules.