Tulsi is considered very sacred and revered in Hinduism. For this reason, a Tulsi plant is established in every house. Since Tulsi has been given the status of a goddess, it is considered necessary to take care of its purity and follow the rules related to it.

Astrology expert Dr Radhakant Vats says that if Tulsi is worshipped with full devotion following the rules at a fixed time, then auspiciousness comes into the house, but if Tulsi is insulted in any form, then it will bring inauspiciousness and negativity into the house. The habit increases.

In this episode, today, based on the information given by our expert, we are going to give you information about what things should be taken care of while planting basil in the house. That is, in which pot Tulsi should be planted and in which not.

Plastic flower pot

Tulsi should not be planted in a plastic pot even by mistake. If you use a plastic bucket then it is also wrong. Some people bring home a plastic plant on which a swastika or Om is made. Anything made of plastic is considered impure in worship. In such a situation, it is inauspicious to plant basil in such a pot.

Broken pot

If the pot is broken or cracked from somewhere, then the Tulsi plant should not be planted in such a pot also. It is believed that planting basil in such a pot destroys the sanctity of the plant. Also, the Tulsi plant should not be planted in an old pot. That is, if the pot has become very old, do not install Tulsi in it.

Cement pot

Cement pots are not bad, but plants grow well in them. But still, it is believed that the Tulsi plant should not be planted in a cement pot. Basil plant is worshipable, for this, the best pot is considered to be made of clay because nothing is purer than clay. In such a situation, do not use cement pots only for the Tulsi plant.

Image Credit: Wikipedia, Freepik