In Ayurveda, many correct ways have been told to maintain health in a native way. From stomach to heart… Ayurvedic herbs are used to keep every part or part of the body healthy. One of these is Triphala, which is considered a boon for the health of the stomach. Apart from amla, myrobalan, and nutmeg, Triphala made from many herbs has properties like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and vitamin C.

Consuming this benefits immunity apart from the stomach. However, in some cases, consuming Triphala can also prove to be harmful to the body. In this article, we are going to tell you which people should avoid taking Triphala.

People with diabetes should be careful
Triphala has the properties of preventing diabetes, but if someone already has diabetes, then they should consult a doctor before consuming it. It is said that people with sugar can complain of hypoglycemia by eating Triphala. Make sure to consult an expert before making a habit of Triphala.

People who have lost weight or whose body starts decreasing gradually should avoid taking Triphala powder. Triphala has such properties that it can reduce belly fat by correcting metabolism. Those who are already underweight may complain of further loss.

Do not eat on an upset stomach
Triphala is considered a boon or a panacea for the stomach, but those who have an upset stomach should not eat the powder during this time by mistake. Elements to eliminate constipation are present in the powder. In the case of pre-diarrhoea, eating Triphala can be more difficult.

In pregnancy
Do you know that eating Triphala powder during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage? The problem of gas formation in pregnancy is more troubling and women start consuming Triphala or other Ayurvedic things to avoid it. Doing this without advice can cause harm. Take Triphala during pregnancy only on the advice of a doctor or expert.