Whenever it comes to waterfalls passing through the mountains, the states of Northeast and South India come to mind. But do you know that the most populous state also has many waterfalls which are full of natural beauty? If you also want to see the beautiful view of natural beauty, then you can reach here to enjoy the waterfalls located in Uttar Pradesh. Seeing the beauty of these waterfalls, even your heart will not want to return from there. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you about the waterfalls of Uttar Pradesh, they are going to give peace and relaxation to the mind. Let's know about these waterfalls...

Rajdari Falls
Radar and Devdari waterfall flow between Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary. The height of Rajdari Falls is 65 meters and it is considered to be the largest among the other waterfalls present here. Tourists get mesmerized by the natural beauty of this waterfall and that is why this place has been made a picnic spot. This place is really beautiful for tourists.

Kajardah Kund Waterfall
You must not have heard the name of Kajardah Kund waterfall very much. People only know Rajdari and Devdari, because reaching Kajardah is a bit difficult. This dam is found after going about 4 km ahead of Naugarh dam. After crossing a few thorny bushes, the Kajardah Kund is visible which is not less than Rajdari Deodari in any case. This waterfall is full of water during the monsoon season, which adds to its beauty. According to the people, the water of the Gurvat river, also known as the Gurvata river, falls from a height of about 45 feet and further joins the Karmnasha river.

Cedar Falls
Downstream of Rajdari Falls flows another popular waterfall named Devdari Falls. This waterfall flows at a distance of 500 meters. The water in both these falls comes from the reservoir that comes before the Chandraprabha dam, a few kilometres away. A huge crowd of tourists throngs this waterfall during the winter and rainy months. The best time to visit here is from September to March as the water and beauty of the waterfall are at its peak during this time.