There are so many beautiful places in our country that the list of places to visit is endless. But among the beautiful places, some can be called magical. These are such places, which are no less than 'Wonder' and the special thing is that very few people know about them. Travel enthusiasts like to travel everywhere and see the whole of India from close quarters. There is more than one beautiful view here. Whom everyone wishes to see. So let's know about those 7 places which are everyone's dream to see and visit there.

Nighoj Pits, Maharashtra
Nighoj in Maharashtra is one such place, from where your mind will remain there even after coming back. These round-shaped kunds have been formed automatically by the water of the Kukdi river for thousands of years. Some of these pits are even 40 feet deep. Both summer and winter seasons are perfect to visit here as there is not much water in the river.

Loktak Lake, Manipur
It is the largest freshwater lake in the North East. There are many unique ecosystems in Laktak Lake, which are called Fundi. These fungi, which look like small islands, appear in many ways, floating on a freshwater lake. What makes Loktak Lake special is the world's first floating national park located in its southwestern part.

Hogenakkal Falls, Karnataka
This is a spectacular waterfall called Hogenakkal, which in Kannada means 'Smoking Rocks'. The river Kaveri creates such a beautiful spray from a height of 150 feet that it looks like smoke. Surrounded by black granite boulders on both sides, Hogenakkal is not a huge waterfall, but a series of smaller falls, which merge into a stream.