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We all know very well that the fun of visiting a hill station is very special and different. India's smallest hill station is very beautiful and lakhs of people come here every year to see its beauty. But to reach this film station, tourists have to take the help of a horse carriage. Because vehicles are not allowed here. Let us tell you in detail about this hill station through this article -

* This is the smallest hill station in India:

Let us tell you that the smallest hill station in India is Matheran Hill Station. This hill station is present in Maharashtra, its special thing is that this hill station is so small that vehicles are not allowed inside here. In Matheran Hill Station, it is prohibited to take any vehicle beyond Dasturi Point, and to reach here you have to walk or cover the distance by horse-drawn carriage.

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* Reached Matheran Hill Station like this:

Let us tell you that to reach this hill station, you first have to take a train to Neral Junction, after that you can also take a toy train to Matheran. Which covers a distance of about 20 kilometers. If we talk about flight, then to reach Matheran you will have to first take a flight to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. After this, the hill station is located at a distance of about 44 kilometers from here, for which you can take a car or auto.

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* Must visit these places in Matheran:

Let us tell you that people come from far and wide to visit Matheran. You can visit places like Louisa Point, Monkey Point, Alexander Point, Panorama Point, One Tree Hill Point, Charlotte Lake, Honeymoon Hill Point, Matheran Market, Khandala Point, etc.