We use different types of products to take care of the skin. Many times it happens that we go to the parlour and take expensive treatments but are unable to take special care of their underarms. When hair grows, they get waxed but do you know that due to the use of more wax and razor, the skin becomes dry? Because of this, many women also get pimples in their underarms. If you want to reduce the dryness of your underarms, then for this you must try these remedies. These are very easy home remedies that anyone can try.

Use coconut oil

The use of coconut oil for the skin is considered very beneficial. The minerals and vitamins found in it make the skin soft. You can also use it for the skin of the underarms. To apply this, first, clean the sweat present on the skin. Then apply coconut oil to the underarms. After this wake up the next morning and take a bath and clean the oil. This will make your skin soft immediately.

Sandalwood powder

If your skin is getting dry due to rashes then you should use sandalwood to correct it. By using this, the skin becomes very soft and the blackness of the underarms also goes away. For this, first, take sandalwood powder in a bowl. Then mix some water in it. Now apply this paste on the underarms and leave it for 20-25 minutes after that clean it with the help of a cloth. You can try this process twice a week. This will make the skin soft.

Use honey

Anti-bacterial properties are found in honey which works to remove dead skin. If you want to keep your underarms soft, then definitely use honey for this. All you have to do is take honey, mix some rose water in it and apply it on the underarms. Leave it in that area for about 20 minutes. After this clean it with lukewarm water. Try this twice a week. Your underarms will become soft.

Keep these things in mind

  • Don't do too much waxing or razor on the underarms. Even this makes the skin dry quickly.
  • Before using any product, do check it.

Note- Before adopting the above-mentioned tips, you must do a skin patch test. Everyone's skin is different; we are not claiming that the above tips will give you instant benefits. You must consult your skin expert once and then use them.

Credit- Freepik