People like to use artificial grass or plant to enhance the beauty of the house. They bring greenery in front of your eyes, but they are very low maintenance. Since they do not spoil quickly, they are used indoors to outdoors. Generally, when they are included in the home decor, people pay attention to the space of their home. From stairs to walls are made more beautiful with the help of artificial grass.

However, along with this, you must keep in mind the direction of applying them and some other small things as well. If artificial grass and plants are planted according to Vastu, then it creates positivity in the house. So, today in this article, Vastu ShastriDrAnand Bhardwaj is telling you how you can use artificial grass in your home-

Do not put artificial grass in these directions

Artificial grass should never be planted in the northeast and southwest. If they are planted in the northeast direction, then it blocks the way of development of the person. They have to face many obstacles in their work. On the other hand, planting them in the southwest harms the work or business of the head of the household.

Plant artificial plant in this direction

If you are planning to install artificial grass or plants in your home, then the southeast direction is considered best for this. However, apart from this, it can also be planted in the northwest ie air angle.

Mount on walls and stairs

If you are building a high wall in your house and that wall is in the west, then you can use artificial grass to decorate that wall. Apart from this, you should also use artificial grass on the high wall on the side of the stairs. However, try that while using artificial grass or plant in the house, along with it, some real plants must also be planted there. It is considered very good to do so.

Cleaning is also necessary

Most people prefer to use artificial grass or plants because they do not require a lot of care. However, still you should keep in mind that dust and dirt get accumulated on them. That's why you must clean them from time to time. If you do not do this then it brings negativity into the house.

Avoid using it on terrace

These days’ people use artificial grass on the roof as well. In this way, they want to make a beautiful terrace garden. However, try to minimize the use of artificial grass on the terrace. Avoid artificial grass as far as possible and try to grow real grass instead. Apart from this, artificial grass or artificial plants should not be used at all in the kitchen, bathroom and worship place.

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