Cigarette smoking or smoking is considered very injurious to health. It can cause many other serious diseases including cancer. Hence it is advised to stay away from it. Although many people are addicted to cigarette smoking, still they want to quit it while taking care of their health. Your name may also be included in the list of people who are addicted to smoking but have now made up their minds to quit.

The biggest problem in this situation is that people who smoke cigarettes have a desire to smoke again and again and they are not able to keep themselves away from it even if they want. Cigarette smoking is like an addiction, due to which they again run towards smoking. Of course, it can be difficult for such people to manage the craving for smoking. But still, some measures can help you in this. So, in this article today, Dr Rakesh Chawla, HOD and Senior Consultant, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Saroj Hospital, Delhi, is telling you about some such measures, which will help in reducing the urge to smoke again and again-

Tobacco-free environment

When you have made up your mind to quit smoking, it becomes very important that the environment around you is completely tobacco-free. Try not to come in contact with people who smoke. Passive smoking can also be equally injurious to health. Apart from this, when you are in contact with such people, it increases the urge to smoke again and again. Due to this, the person is not able to control himself even if he wants to and he starts smoking again. Therefore, you must take care of your surroundings as well.

Family support

Since smoking is like an addiction, a person must be mentally strong to quit it. Maybe you have the urge to smoke now and then. In this situation, the support of the family proves to be very helpful. When the family gets support, it strengthens the mental force of the person, due to which he can get himself out of his clutches.

Get medical help

Sometimes even family support is not able to help the person stop smoking completely, in which case the person needs to seek medical help. When you visit your doctor, he may prescribe Vernacillin tablets to you. A person must take it regularly for at least four weeks. By taking the medicine regularly, the urge to smoke ends. In addition, your doctor may also supply nicotine to your body through patch therapy. In this patch therapy, the amount of nicotine is gradually reduced and the urge to smoke completely goes away in four to five weeks.

Take help of nicotine chewing gum

Nicotine chewing gum is also available in the market these days, which can help you to eliminate the urge to smoke. If you have just quit smoking, you can have 12 chewing gum every day for a week in the beginning. After this, you take 8 chewing gum daily for the next week. In the third week, you can take 4 chewing gums daily. After this, you must keep this nicotine chewing gum with you for at least three to four weeks, until your desire to smoke is completely gone.

So now you too follow these tips and say goodbye to smoking forever.

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