Our wardrobes are full of chiffon sarees, cotton sarees, Banarasi sarees, and net sarees. But there cannot be a silk saree in the wardrobe. The silk saree is everyone's favorite. As long as it remains new and shiny, the grace that comes from wearing it is probably not seen in any other outfit.

That's why they are also very expensive, but when they become old, we do not understand what to do with these sarees. Let us tell you where silk sarees first adorn your looks. At the same time, after being outdated, it can enhance the interior of your house.

Yes, not only this, you can again enhance the beauty of your wardrobe by giving it a designer look. If you know to stitch then all the better. If you have some old silk sarees in your wardrobe, take them out and make some stylish salwar designs that can be easily worn with kurtis.

Choose saree

To make a salwar, first, choose a silk saree. While choosing an old saree, keep in mind that the saree should look fine and the condition should not be too bad.

If you are making salwar for the first time, then there may be wrong cutting or the shape of straight pants may not come well. In such a situation, your saree can also get spoiled, so you should take special care of this also.

Put a mark

After selecting the saree, we have to mark it. For this, we can take the whole saree. By the way, we need 5.5 meters of cloth. If your saree is longer than this, then you can also cut the saree. For this, keep the vine of the saree down and cut it from the top.

You can also use an old salwar to make the mark. For this, you have to reverse the salwar and then mark it with the help of a square according to your measurements. Do the marking according to the look of the salwar you want.

Do cutting

For cutting, you have to take the width of the cloth at 2.25 and the length at 32. Also, it is better to have both the parts of the salwars 3:47. While cutting, keep in mind that where you have marked, cut the salwar leaving a little space.

This is because sometimes the marks do not fit properly according to the size and the cloth falls short. That's why you cut more according to salwar fitting and mark.

Sew up

After all these steps, we have to stitch the salwar. To stitch, first, separate all the pieces and stitch the plate. Then make the mori of the salwar and complete the salwar by selecting it. You put the pieces together and stitch them along the edges with the help of a sewing machine.

That's all, your salwar is ready, you can also add pearls, buttons and bukram etc. to give it a more beautiful look.

Image Credit- (@Freepik)