Meghalaya looks like a paradise during the rains and people's eyes remain open after seeing the natural beauty of Wari Chora. Very few people come to visit this hidden location of Meghalaya because it is a bit difficult to reach here. Let us take you on a picture tour of Wari Chora in Meghalaya, the abode of clouds... (Photo: Insta/@wander_monkeys)

Meghalaya's Wari Chora is situated on a river and surrounded by mountains, which are present in the Garo Hills. Wari Chora means a deep river and Garo Hills is related to the Garo tribals. (Photo: Insta/@pantora_sangma)

The history of the tribal group Garo living here is very old and they have a deep connection with nature. The Garos, also called Chiks, are known for their hunting and medical knowledge of plants. (Photo: Insta/@sturdybbyyy)

Surrounded by natural beauty, Wari Chora is about 290 km from Guwahati and Shillong. And here it takes at least 1 day to reach this place. While reaching here, it is better to ask for the way locally, not Google Maps. (Photo: Insta/@tribal411_adventurer)

The best way to see the beauty of this location is by boat on the river. By the way, travellers come here to enjoy trekking, camping or family trip. The best time to visit Vari Chora is between November to February. (Photo: Insta/@aditya_handique)