Be it human or animal, any mother searches for her children until they are found. A similar scene was seen in the Sinthi Ramlila Garden of Kolkata when a house caught fire and 7 children of the dog died in it. However, fortunately, the man living in the house, his wife, and their two children narrowly escaped. His entire house was burnt to ashes.

Fierce fire in Kolkata's SindhiEverything was burnt to ashes due to fire in Sinthi, Kolkata. The picture of ruins is visible all around. At the same time, the mother of the dogs is digging in the ashes and searching for her children. She is going to this site once, then going to that side once. He is shocked and upset at not being able to see his children.

Mother dog wandering here and there in search of children7 Where did the puppy dogs go? Mother Dog is wandering here and there in search of her children. Zee News captured such a sad scene in its camera. The incident took place in Sinthi in North Kolkata.

The whole house was burnt to ashes by fireA fire broke out in Ramlila Bagan of Sinthi police station area on Monday morning. The whole house was burnt to ashes by the fire. At that time Ashok Chandra Babu, his wife, and two children were sleeping in that room in the house.

The people in the house narrowly escapedAshok Chandra Babu and his family members somehow survived. However, nothing could be brought outside the house. The fire took away everything.

No trace of those puppies since the fire7 puppies were born next to Ashok Babu's house. Those puppies were born only 2-3 days ago. Meanwhile, there has been no trace of those puppies since the fire in Kolkata.

People believe that the children of the dog diedLocals say that the puppies may have died due to the fire. Meanwhile, the mother who gave birth to the puppies is wandering like crazy in search of her babies.