Smartphone use is incomplete without apps. Every second user downloads the app from the Play Store on the device keeping in mind their need and convenience. By taking advantage of the need of the smartphone user, many times hackers design such apps which seem to be useful, but work to steal the user's information.

If you also download apps from Play Store, then this information can be of your use. Spyware-infected apps were recently identified on the Play Store. Spyware- What are infected apps and how do they work, in this article we are telling-

What are Spyware- Infected Apps?
These are the apps that are designed for the needs of the user, but after some time they are infected to steal the user's information.

In such a situation, the apps present in the user's phone become a means for hackers to access the user's information. Not only this, the infected apps allow the user's device to steal the user's private and banking information and give access to the user's device to a hacker sitting far away.

Which apps are targeted by hackers?
Hackers often choose those apps which are used the most. In a recent case, a spyware module named SpinOk was identified. These spyware were added to around 110 apps. These were the apps that were associated with gaming. These apps had also been downloaded more than 421,290,300 times from the Play Store.

Spyware - How Infected Apps Work
With the help of spyware, the hacker sitting away gets access to the device, after which the hacker can upload and search some files on the device.

In addition, the content may be replaced by copying certain information from the user's device.

What method works to avoid it?
To avoid spyware-infected apps, the app needs to be updated immediately. In any case, if the app is not found on the Play Store, then the only solution is to uninstall it from the device. In addition, the smartphone can be scanned with an antivirus to detect spyware.
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