At present, the problem of hair fall is a matter of concern. Hair fall is the biggest problem in rainy and cold weather. In this situation, people start using different types of shampoos and oils. But, despite this, they do not get rest. The biggest reason for this is the lack of nutrients in the body. But the attention of our people does not go towards this. Many times our hair starts breaking due to not getting proper nutrition. If your hair is also breaking or falling too much, then you need to include these things in your diet.

1. Dry Fruits
We should include nuts and seeds in our regular diet. Nutrients like omega-3, fatty acids, selenium, vitamin E, etc. are found in large quantities in these dry fruits. It nourishes the hair from the inside and prevents them from breaking.

2. Egg
A large amount of protein is found in eggs. Which is considered very good for hair growth. Along with this, multivitamins are also found in them, which helps in making weak hair strong.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables
Let us tell you that many minerals and vitamins are found in green leafy vegetables. Which fulfills the deficiency of iron in the body. Vegetables like spinach, cabbage, etc. are rich in vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, folate, vitamin C, etc. It helps in making the hair healthy as well as beautiful. It helps in increasing the silky and strength of the hair by increasing the amount of sebum in the hair.

4. Fruits
Everyone wants to have strong and silky hair. In such a situation, we must include fruits in our diet. A large number of antioxidants are found in fruits, which are very beneficial for skin and hair. It strengthens the hair from the root and prevents them from breakage.