When rats are jumping in your stomach, it seems that food comes in front of you in a jiffy, but many times when you are traveling, at night when the restaurant is closed, or you reach such a deserted place where the surrounding food and drink are not available, it becomes difficult to tolerate the intensity of hunger, but can this problem be ignored for a while?

How to get rid of hunger by looking at photos?
Most of us believe that if we see pictures of food items during hunger, it increases hunger, but new research is telling a different story. According to a study published in the journal Appetite, pictures of food can have exactly the opposite effect, but here is one thing this is true only if the same photo has been seen more than 30 times.

What was found in the study?
Tjark Andersen, the lead author of the study, said, 'In our experiments, we showed that when participants saw a picture of the same food 30 times, they felt happier than before, after seeing the picture multiple times. participants who chose less food than those who only saw the picture three times when we asked them later about the amount of food 'It may seem strange to know that the participants in the study did not eat Ate yet still feeling full, Anderson said, 'Our hunger is more closely related to our cognitive perception than many people think. How we think about our food is very important.

According to Aarhus University, the results of this study can be understood from the grounded cognition theory in brain risers. To illustrate the implications of this principle, imagine that you are chewing on a piece of raw mango sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. According to this theory, this stimulus is felt in the same areas of the brain, it is as if you are eating a mango. Tjark Andersen said, 'You will get the same psychological response as you think, so we feel completely satisfied even without eating.

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