Coronavirus continues to be a cause of grave concern for scientists globally. Due to new variants, cases of rapid infection are being reported in many countries. Cases of the Eris variant have been reported in more than 55 countries, according to recent reports, while additional mutations have been observed in the BA.2.86 variant, making it the most infectious variant of Omicron to date. According to media reports, the number of patients in hospitals has also increased rapidly in recent times, although cases of serious diseases are being seen less.

Meanwhile, in a recent report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made a big claim. According to CDC experts, nearly 99 percent of 'COVID-19 deaths reported each week are not primarily due to the virus. The Covid dashboard shows that of the 324 Covid deaths recorded in the week ending August 19, only 1.7 percent had coronavirus as the primary cause of death.

If the virus is not the cause of death, then what is the main reason behind it, let us know this time.

What if the cause of death is not a virus?
According to media reports, the primary or underlying cause of death in COVID-19 patients is complications due to infection. According to doctors, the virus infection can increase a lot of pressure and stress in people who already have some health problems like heart disease, etc.

In most cases of death being reported in countries like the UK, coronavirus is the secondary cause of death in such people, while existing heart disease is considered the primary cause.

Death rate higher in women
According to the report, the percentage of COVID-19 deaths in the week ending August 19 has increased slightly as compared to the previous week. This trend of increasing death toll has continued for the last five weeks. Regarding deaths due to coronainfection, experts say that due to the nature of the current virus, it is less likely to cause serious disease, but already victims of comorbidity or people who have immunity. Those with weakened immune systems may be at higher risk of severe disease and death.

The data also shows that the death rate is slightly higher among women than men. People aged 75 years and above are also becoming more victims of death in case of infection.

Cases of new variants are increasing rapidly
According to the report by the CDC, the cases of new variants of Corona EG.5 and BA.2.86 are increasing rapidly in many countries. Given the increasing crowd of infected people in hospitals, some restrictions related to corona and masks have been made necessary again in some states of America.

The researchers said that these new variants are highly mutated and can dodge vaccines and natural immunity in a better way, in which case they can be at risk of infection to all people. In this situation, it becomes very necessary to keep trying for preventive measures.

Preparing to give another booster dose
Given the increasing risks of new variants, the US government may recommend people take another booster dose in the coming weeks. According to the report, US President Joe Biden said that the threat is increasing due to the new variants of Corona, and these variants can dodge immunity easily, in such a situation, the administration will give Americans another covid in the coming weeks. Can do to get a booster vaccine.

However, no information has been shared regarding which vaccines will be given for the booster vaccine.

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