In this busy life, it is good to take small daily stress. This keeps the mind young and helps in passing old age in a better way. This thing has come to the fore in recent research.

Earlier in the 1990s, this type of stress was considered harmful to health, but for the first time an American psychiatrist named Firdaus Dabhar, along with a researcher at New York's Rockefeller University, studied in this regard.

Small stress boosts immunity
Small stresses are having a positive effect on our immune system. Small stresses are very important in the modern world. For example, an athlete may need to have some stress about an upcoming race. It strengthens the heart and muscles and improves performance. Both mild physical and mental stress produces a chemical called interleukin in the blood. which activates the immune system. It helps fight infection.

Exercise reduces brain age by 4 years
Brain size decreases at a rate of about 5% a decade after age 40. The rate of decline increases after age 70. This shrinkage of the brain is reduced by 4 years in such elderly people who exercise regularly.