Foods to Avoid Before Bed: At least 7 hours of sleep daily is very important to stay healthy. With this, you can stay mentally and physically healthy. Taking less sleep has a bad effect on health. According to health experts, there can be many reasons for not being able to sleep at night. Chief among these is mobile use. Apart from this, the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, etc. before sleeping also does not cause sleep. If you also want to sleep peacefully at night, then do not consume these things at all. Let's know-

-Health experts say that tomatoes should not be consumed at night. Acid is found in abundance in it. This acid is called oxalic acid. This causes acidity problems. For this, do not consume tomatoes at night.

-If you want to sleep peacefully, do not eat ice cream at night. Cortisol hormone increases due to its consumption. Due to this, both night's sleep and peace can disappear. For this do not eat ice cream at night.

-Butter or cheese should not be consumed at night. Its consumption can cause disturbances in sleep at night. You should consume butter only during the daytime.

-Citrus fruits should also not be consumed while sleeping at night. These contain oxalic acid, which can cause sleepless nights. Also, do not consume ketchup and fries.

-Many people have the habit of drinking coffee while sleeping at night. If you also drink coffee while sleeping at night, then avoid coffee. Sleepless nights disappear due to the consumption of coffee.

-Consuming fried things at night boosts metabolism. However, this leads to sleep disturbances. For this, if you want to sleep peacefully at night, then avoid fried things.

-Avoid eating pizza at night. Pizza is made of butter and tomato. Oxalic acid is found in it. This can cause sleepless nights.