Have you ever felt while sleeping that your brain is working but your body is not working at all? This condition is known as sleep paralysis in medical language. This is a condition when the person is neither completely asleep nor awake. In this situation, the person's mind works but the body becomes completely numb. Why does this happen? Know everything about what is the reason from the experts. Kadam Nagpal, Senior Consultant Neurologist of PSRI Hospital is giving information about this.

Know in detail about sleep paralysis

In simple words, sleep paralysis is a brain-related disease caused by a bad lifestyle. In this problem, the person becomes unable to get up and speak. The person feels conscious but is unable to get up. There is a feeling that something strange happening in this problem. Strange sounds are heard. The person gets scared and wants to scream but no sound comes out of his throat. This problem can occur before deep sleep and shortly before waking up. However, this problem was resolved after some time. Due to a lack of information, many people also associate it with ghosts.

Causes of sleep paralysis

  • Not having a proper sleeping timetable
  • being immersed in negative thoughts
  • sleep cycle failure
  • problem of narcolepsy
  • be under a lot of stress
  • bad lifestyle

Tips to prevent sleep paralysis

  • Don't compromise with sleep
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep
  • try to sleep on time
  • don't sleep on your back
  • Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes
  • exercise regularly
  • Manage stress with the help of meditation
  • Get treatment for narcolepsy
  • Do not take any stress before sleeping

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