Summer Skin Care: With the changing season, there are various changes in the skin, such as there can be a problem of sunburn, tanning in summer, and dryness in winter. Therefore, with the changing season, necessary changes should be made in skin care as well, and this applies not only to women but also to men. Extra oil is produced in summer. Due to this dust and dirt keep accumulating rapidly on the skin. Due to not cleaning the dirt accumulated in the pores properly, they appear on the face in the form of pimples. So how to take care of skin, know about it.

Use a cleanser
The first step is to use a cleanser to remove the dirt from the face. Use a cleanser twice a day to remove dust, dirt, pollution, and bacteria from your face.

Wear sunscreen
Skin experts recommend that applying sunscreen before stepping out is the most important skincare step. Which protects your skin from harmful sun rays.

Apply moisturizer
Use moisturizer to keep the skin soft and hydrated.

Shower twice a day
Take a bath twice a day to clean the skin during summer. This will keep you fresh and active. It also maintains the level of serotonin in the body. This will also improve your mood.

Clean the armpit
Along with cleaning the body while taking a bath, clean the armpits as well. There may be irritation and itching in this place. This thing can also cause infection, so absorbent powder can be used. Avoid wearing too tight clothes.
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