No one desires soft skin, but if someone's skin becomes lifeless and dry, then confidence becomes very low. It is possible that we do not take care of our faces as much as it is needed. Our face faces dust, dirt, sunlight, and pollution throughout the day, in such a situation, it becomes important to clean it before sleeping at night. Let us know that if you have soft skin water like Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt, then what kind of night routine do you have to follow?

Night routine for soft skin
1. Remove makeup

If you keep makeup on throughout the day, then there is a lack of oxygen in the skin of the face. That's why it is necessary to remove makeup properly at night. For this, use rose water or mild makeup remover. This does not cause much dryness in the skin.

2. Cleaning
When you remove the makeup, now you feel the need to clean your face. For this, you use a mild cleanser. By doing this all the dust accumulated on your face gets removed. Due to this, an amazing glow also comes on the face.

3. Use a toner
Once the face is clean, then apply toner on it, it makes the face smooth and the pH level of the skin also starts to balance. Some people use raw milk as a natural skin toner, which helps to retain moisture in the skin.

4. Apply face serum
The serum is used to remove the problem of facial skin. Select your face serum only after the advice of an expert, because there are different types of serum for oily and dry skin.