Skin Care Tips For Holi: The festival of Holi is just a few days away. People eagerly wait for this festival of colours. People play colors fiercely on Holi. But do not harm your skin while playing sports. We are saying this because many colors used in Holi are chemical-rich, which can harm our skin. But do not worry at all because here we are going to tell you some great tips so that the colors of Holi will not affect your skin negatively.

Moisturize the skin
As you all know that there is a change in the weather in February itself. It is feared that the heat increases in March. In such a situation, moisture gets snatched from our skin. Which we can have skin problems due to the colors of Holi. Therefore, start moisturizing the skin well a few days in advance. Apply moisturizer 3 to 4 times a day on your face, neck, hands and feet.

Apply 30 SPF Sunscreen
To avoid the chemical colors of Holi, apply sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. Before playing Holi, use a cream to protect the delicate skin around the lips and eyes. You can apply a thin layer of Vaseline on your lips.

Cut nails
It is easy for any kind of thing to get stuck in big nails. The colors of Holi also get into the nails. For this, before playing Holi, cut the nails short and apply nail polish to them. Due to this, the mark of Holi color will not rise in them.

Apply water-based makeup
If pimples or acne come easily on your skin, then applying oil or cream on the face can make the situation worse. Instead, you can use water-based makeup. This will cover your skin.