Skin Care: It is good to sit in the sun, but we should also take care that it does not dry the skin.

Skin Care: Dryness of the skin is a common problem in the cold season. To avoid this, keep applying light lubricant on the skin at least twice a day. It is also seen that many people take bath with very hot water. this is not right. In cold weather, we have to avoid taking baths with very hot water. Too much hot water also makes the skin dry. Using too much soap also damages the skin.

After bathing, apply a little coconut oil all over the skin. Due to this, the skin will not become dry and the glow will also remain. Seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables are easily available in this season. Consume fruits rich in Vitamin C. They help in making the skin shiny.

The dermatologist said that it is often seen that we drink less water in cold weather. This is also one of the reasons for the dryness of the skin. If you drink plenty of water then your skin will not become dry. Generally, three diseases of the skin appear in this season. These are psoriasis, eczema, and xerosis. In psoriasis, there are crust-like marks on the skin. This disease is usually seen on the hands, feet, and head.

Similarly, in eczema the skin is itchy and water starts coming out on scratching. Similarly, in cirrhosis the skin becomes dry. If you retain enough water in the body then the skin will not become dry. It is good to sit in the sun in this season, but we should also take care that it does not dry the skin. Therefore, if you are sitting in the sun for a long time, then apply the cream on the skin to avoid sunlight.