In the Hindu religion, Shani Dev has been described as the giver of karma. Shani Dev's place is also on the planets. Where every deity or planet is worshipped in an idol form, Shani Dev is sitting in Shingnapur in the form of a black stone.

Our astrologer expert DrRadhakant Vats told us that Shani Dev first appeared in Shingnapur in the form of a black stone and since then the rituals of his worship started in this form. So let's know the reason behind it and the interesting story related to it.

  • According to legend, once in the month of Shravan, due to heavy rains, the water level increased a lot and the rivers were in spate in many places. One day a big black stone reached the banks of Shingnapur by flowing in the river.

  • Seeing such a big stone, the children of Shingnapur started playing by climbing on it. While playing, when a child hit another stone on the black rock, then a sound came from the rock and blood started flowing. The children got scared seeing this.
  • All the children ran to their families and told them the whole thing. After listening to the children, all the villagers went to the shore to see the rock, but they did not see anything strange, nor did they understand anything about that rock.
  • When all the people of the village fell asleep, then Shani Dev appeared in the dreams of every villager and told about his being there in Shila. Hearing this, all the people reached Shila the next day with complete worship material and a bullock cart.

  • After this, the villagers installed the rock in a bullock cart with complete rituals and since then Shani Dev is sitting in Shinganapur in the form of a rock to date. It is believed that Shani Dev protects that village even today.
  • It is believed that Shani Dev appeared in the form of a rock so that everyone could get the right to worship him. It becomes obligatory for women to worship-abhishek etc. in idol form. Offering oil in rock form and worship etc. is easy.

Image Credit: Pinterest, Wikipedia


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