If you are also working in a private firm, then you are waiting for an increase in your salary, then this year this wait is going to end because according to a report, there is going to be a bumper increase in the salary of the job seekers this year.

New Year 2023 has started in the country and the world, and the first two weeks of the year have also passed. It is expected that the last time must have been good for everyone, but this year is going to be special for the Indian people. According to a survey report, considerable growth in the income of Indians has been predicted this year. Know what is special in this survey report...

Salary will increase by 9.8 percent

According to Korn Ferry's latest survey on India (India Compensation Survey), the country can see an average salary increase of 9.8 percent during the year 2023. Last year in 2022 there was an increase of 9.4 percent. This time it is expected to be a little more.

what is a survey

818 companies and organizations in the country have been included in this survey. The survey states that organizations and companies operating in India have retained their talent in the market through a variety of initiatives and compensation plans. In the year 2023, an increase of 9.8 percent in their salary is fixed.

There was no salary increase in Corona

The year 2020 was greatly affected by the Corona Pandemic in the country. The salary hike this year was much less at 6.8 percent. But now in 2023, it seems to be getting rid of Corona. Therefore, for a sustainable future this year, the company will focus on boosting the morale of its employees by increasing their salaries. The survey projects substantial growth in the science and health care and high technology sectors at 10.2 percent and 10.4 percent, respectively.