Diabetes patients are always confused about what to eat and what not so their blood sugar remains under control. Diabetes is an incurable disease, which can only be controlled. If there is slight negligence in this, then there can be a lot of damage to the heart, kidneys, and lungs. In today's era, most people are falling prey to this disease and the biggest reason for this is a bad lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. If this disease is detected in the pre-diabetes stage, then it can be avoided.

To keep diabetes under control, it is very important to stay away from stress, do physical exercise, and control your diet. Diabetes patients are advised to eat foods rich in fiber. Due to this, digestion slows down and the level of blood sugar does not increase rapidly. In such a situation, diabetic patients can consume millet rice. Fiber is found in plenty of it, which helps in controlling diabetes. Let us know how millet rice controls blood sugar levels.

How millet rice controls sugar level
According to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, millet rice is very useful for diabetes patients. It contains fiber, protein, healthy fat, and minerals, which makes it a superfood. The glycemic index of millet is very low, due to which the blood sugar does not increase rapidly. Millets can be a good food option for sugar patients. Apart from this, it also keeps the cholesterol level under control.

How to prepare Bajra Rice
Take a cup of millet and wash it thoroughly. Then put this millet and 3 cups of water in the pan and keep it on medium flame in the gas. Cook it till the water dries up completely. After the water dries up, your millet rice is ready. Now you can increase its nutritional and taste by adding vegetables of your choice to it.