It is often seen that whenever boys fall in love with a girl, they start impressing them and for this, they try to make themselves look better. In such a situation, boys need to know what girls do not like about them or what they hate, because of which they reject the boys. Girls like many habits of boys and they hate many habits very much. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about those habits of boys in which girls get very angry. Maybe if you keep these things in mind then your proposal will not be rejected.

Be overconfident
Some boys are overconfident and they cook imaginary casseroles in their minds even before proposing to the girl, which tells that they are not confident but overconfident. His overconfidence drowns him and his proposal gets rejected. Because when someone becomes overconfident, everything changes from his talking style to gestures. It is right to have positive thinking before proposing but being 100% confident about that thing increases the chances of rejection.

Staring at girls
If you are with a girl or your girlfriend then stop staring at other girls at that time. Girls strongly hate this habit of boys. Because of this, your breakup or any relationship can end even before it starts.

If you are addicted to drugs like alcohol, or cigarettes, then forget that the girl will ever like you. Girls hate such boys very much. Addiction not only spoils your life but also destroys the scope of conversation with girls. In such a situation, if you want to come close to any girl, then change these habits immediately.

To lie
The worst habit of boys is that they lie even about every little thing while girls expect their partner to share everything with them. If you lie every now and then, then because of this your relationship may break.

Be selfish
Girls totally stay away from guys who are very mean. Who thinks only about themselves every time. Girls have a special attachment to such boys who have kindness, and who always stand ahead to help others. She doesn't even like to see selfish boys.

Dominating boys
Some boys have a habit that they try to dominate their partner. Such people always want to control their partner. If you are also like this then let us tell you that girls do not like such boys at all.

Don't take care of girl's comfort
Some boys propose without being comfortable with the boy in front, which is the biggest reason for rejection. Now suppose you have just met a girl, she is not even comfortable with you and you propose her, she will have no choice but to reject your proposal. That's why always get to know the girl for some time and take a step forward only after she is comfortable.