Many times money goes into someone else's account by mistake, due to which we are harmed, but now RBI has found a solution for this too, if this has happened to you too, then follow these steps.

When we are transferring money from our bank account, we check the account number and other things many times, but a mistake can happen anytime, so we should also know that if you have mistakenly transferred money to someone's bank account. What can you do if you have sent the money? Here we are going to give you complete information about how you can get your money back and whether you will get it back or not.
The Internet has made banking and our life easy. Now one does not have to go to the bank for every work. Earlier, if any work related to the bank was done, then one had to go to the bank for that, but now it is not so. Now, most of the work related to the bank is done on your mobile only. Now the facility of loan is also available on mobile.

if you are transferring money to someone's account and you have mistakenly transferred it to someone else's account. So first of all give this information to your bank. This information can be given by visiting the bank, by phone, or by email.

At the same time, the bank to which the money has been transferred can help you. The bank in which you have an account can hardly help you much. When you give information to the bank, give complete details of the transaction such as the date, time, account number of the transaction, and the account number in which the money has been transferred by mistake.

If the account of the sender and the receiver of the money is in the same bank, then its process is completed quickly, but if the receiver's account is in some other bank, then this process may take more time. You will also have to complain to the bank to whose bank account you have transferred the money by mistake.

Banks never give their customer's information to anyone, nor can they transfer money from the account without the customer's permission. In most cases, the person receiving the money is ready to return the money, but if he refuses to return the money, then you can also file a case against him.