The rats that enter the houses uninvited not only destroy the essential things by gnawing them but also make the house dirty by spreading dirt here and there. Unknowingly eating their dog food sometimes leads to serious illness and the person has to be admitted to the hospital. Many types of medicines are available in the market to kill rats, but by using them, rats die in the house itself, due to which foul smell spreads throughout the whole house. Due to this many people do not like to use these medicines despite being troubled by rats. At the same time, many people do not use these medicines due to religious reasons. Today we tell you 5 such home remedies (Rats Remedies), using which you can leave the rats in the house forever without killing the rats. Let us know what are those 5 home remedies.

Rats run away from human hair
If you are troubled by the terror of rats, then keep the hair of humans in the hiding place of rats. Rats run away seeing human hair (Rats Remedies). The reason for this is that swallowing these hairs leads to their death, so they avoid going near them. If you keep such hair at 4-5 main places of the house, then the rats will not even peep towards your house.

Rats do not like the smell of onions
You can also use onions to drive rats away from the house without killing them. In fact, onions have a strange pungent smell, which rats do not like at all. To use this trick, take a big onion and cut it into 7-8 pieces. After this, keep those pieces in different parts of the house. Rats Remedies will also stop peeping towards your house as soon as they smell it.

Phenyl pills have worked
Phenyl pills are also considered to be the best way to get rid of rats (Rats Remedies). These pills have a strong odor, which rats run away from smelling. To use this remedy, you have to keep phenyl pills in a light cloth and keep them in the part of the house where rats are more frequent. Within a day or two, you will see that you have stopped seeing rats in the house.

Mice disappear from bay leaves
Bay leaf used in the vegetable is famous for its Ayurvedic properties. Its fragrance is pungent, which removes water from the eyes of rats. Keep bay leaves in the parts of the house where rats create more fuss. As soon as they feel their strong smell, the rats will become nine-two-eleven from your house.

The use of mint is beneficial
It is known to all that mint is considered a panacea to remove stomach problems, but few people will know that mint works wonders even in Rats Remedies. To drive away the rats from the house with the help of mint, dry and crush the green leaves of mint. After this, keep that mint powder little by little in the rat's bill or in the places where rats roam in the house. As soon as the rats reach those places, the smell of mint will disturb them and they will leave your house and run away.