Three macronutrients are considered very important for the body. One of these is protein. It is seen as a building block of the body. It helps to repair and build up your muscles. However, the work of protein is not just this. It is not only essential for your muscles, but it is equally important for the skin.

When there is protein deficiency in the body, its effect is visible on the skin, hair and even nails. Adequate amounts of protein can utilize the protein's amino acids to form keratin, collagen, and elastin. Therefore, when there is a deficiency of it in the body, its effect is visible on the skin also. So today in this article, RVMUA Academy founder, celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert Riya Vashisht is telling you what effect protein deficiency can have on the skin.

Wrinkles appear

If your skin has started ageing prematurely or you have started seeing looseness and wrinkles etc. in your skin, then it can also be due to protein deficiency. This happens because protein deficiency can lead to a decrease in collagen production. Collagen is a structural protein that gives your skin firmness and improves skin elasticity.

The problem of uneven skin tone

If you have been facing the problem of uneven skin tone for some time, then lack of protein in the body can also be responsible for it. Proteins are involved in the production of melanin. It is the pigment responsible for skin colour. This is why when there is protein deficiency, you have to face the problem of uneven skin tone. At the same time, you may also suffer from pigmentation.

Increased dryness of the skin

To maintain healthy skin, one has to take care of its hydration. Protein helps maintain your skin's hydration. Therefore, when there is too much protein deficiency in the body, it leads to increased dryness of the skin. Not only has this, apart from dryness, your risk of having flaky skin and many other skin problems increased.

Effect on hair and nail health

If there is protein deficiency in the body, then skin, hair and nail health is also negatively affected. It is possible that your nails may become weak and start breaking frequently or your hair may start appearing thin. The problem of hair fall increases. This is because hair and nails are also made of proteins, mainly keratin. Protein deficiency directly affects hair and nails.

Image Credit- freepik