Property Astrology: The dream of building a house will now be fulfilled. If your dream of building a house has remained unfulfilled, then this dream will be fulfilled now. If your dream of building a house is not being fulfilled, then you too can do this small surefire solution. A man works hard all his life, earns but many times we are not able to get our own house. A person works hard, builds everything, and buys a car but cannot build his house, that dream remains unfulfilled. How long can a person live a rented life?

It is believed that those people who do not have a relation between Mars and Moon in their horoscope, are not able to build their own house. He gets ancestral property, but he can never buy his own house, nor can he build his own house.

If the Moon is weak in your horoscope, then you will not be able to build a property, and also if Mars is debilitated in your horoscope, that is, sitting in the 12th or 6th house, then it will never be able to build its own house. No matter how much money you have. When Mars and Moon come together, then a person has infallible property. This means how to incorporate Moon into Mars.

A perfect solution will fulfil the dream of home
The person who has such yoga in his horoscope will fulfil his dream of a house with a silver nail. Bury a silver nail in a neem tree, use wood to bury it. The neem tree is related to Mars. So here we can remove this defect of ours by bringing Mars and Moon together. These remedies can be done on any Tritiya Tithi. With this small measure, your dream of building a house will come true.