PCOS Symptoms And Treatment: The problem of PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome has become quite common among women and girls. Women suffering from PCOS may show symptoms like irregular periods, no periods, weight gain, acne and scaly skin, hyperpigmentation, thinning of hair, mood swings and much more. Weight gain is the most common problem associated with PCOS. This makes the situation quite dangerous and causes mental distress. Women with PCOS who want to lose weight should make some dietary changes. They should eat such food which is beneficial for the treatment of PCOS.

In the problem of PCOS, women should not eat these things even by mistake
Flour is found in foods such as white rice, chocolate, bread dough, potatoes and pastries. Refined carbs are the worst food for PCOS and should be avoided at all costs. Diabetes is more common in PCOS women. Refined carbs cause our bodies to produce more insulin, which leads to diabetes. Consume fruits (papaya, banana, apple, kiwi), vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, leafy green vegetables), black gram, walnuts, figs, dates, and brown rice. Add jaggery powder instead of sugar. Add daily exercise to your regular diet.

Ignore these things while drinking coffee
Caffeine is found in coffee and it increases the level of estrogen hormone (female hormone) in the body. In PCOS, the hormone levels get disturbed. Coffee can increase this disease. Coffee and caffeinated beverages should not be consumed. Soda, fizzy drinks and energy drinks have high sugar levels. It can also cause irritation and inflammation. Furthermore, the excess sugar in all these beverages will be stored by the body as fat, resulting in weight gain. Fried food is also bad which increases the symptoms of PCOS. You should completely avoid them.

Drinking alcohol is harmful to PCOS
Avoid eating non-veg as well. It has the potential to promote weight gain and consuming it can lead to inflammation, which affects the hormonal balance of the body. Processed beef is also rich in salt. Hence women with PCOS should avoid it. Drinking alcohol can also be harmful to PCOS. Moderate consumption of alcohol can also disturb the estrogen-progesterone balance and is dangerous during pregnancy. Alcohol impairs sleep at all doses. Consumption of red meat such as steak, hog and hamburger can lower progesterone levels. This hormone is essential for pregnancy and a normal menstrual cycle. It also increases inflammation in the body. Apart from this, red meat increases weight. Its use can increase the symptoms of PCOS.