The only child in the family may feel lonely. When the child has siblings, their childhood is spent in love and affection with each other. Brothers and sisters together enhance the beauty of the house. They are friends of each other, who do everything from sharing toys in childhood to hiding each other's mistakes from their parents. However, when children are small, sometimes there are fights among them. Often disputes between siblings escalate to such an extent that it becomes necessary for parents to intervene. Seeing the children fighting with each other every day, the parents also get worried. In such a situation, if brothers and sisters quarrel a lot, then parents should try to increase affection and love between children by adopting some methods. Let us know the way to reduce the quarrel between siblings.

Explain calmly
If children quarrel a lot among themselves, do not scold them. It will not affect children. Rather make the children sit and explain peacefully and make peace between them. So that there is no fight between brother and sister again.

Work together
Parents should try to increase mutual understanding and affection among children. For this, give them such tasks that they can do together. To complete the work well, both will have to give participation, which will increase the love between them.

Don't come between kids
The parent should not intervene in the quarrels of the children every time. He becomes dependent on his parents by always coming between them and calling the guardian every time he fights. The dispute between them does not subside, rather the quarrels increase. In such a situation, if brothers and sisters are fighting with each other, then let them settle their disputes, when the dispute is not very serious.

Focus on compatibility
Siblings can be the best friends of a child. Make the child realize this. When the child makes other friends outside the home, many times he comes home and learns to fight with his siblings when he befriends the quarrelsome child of the wrong company. In such a situation, keep an eye on the company of children.