Online Shopping Fraud: The number of people doing online shopping in India has increased very fast. India is one of the top countries in the world in terms of online shopping. People do a lot of shopping, especially through online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Ajio. After all, why not? The product of your choice comes to your doorstep without going anywhere at the right prices, even if you don't like the product, either return it and get another one or you will get your money back. Amidst the increasing trend of online shopping, there are many such websites through which fraud is being done on a large scale by selling fake products. In this story of ours, we will tell you how to avoid this type of fraud-

Fake websites make huge offers
Companies selling fake products promise 90 to 95 per cent discounts and deliver fake products to you. Since these companies are created overnight only for fraud, when countless people make payments after being tricked by their offers, then these companies disappear overnight after taking the money. An example of this is the 'Freedom 251' smartphone. When a company ran away with crores of rupees on the pretext of giving mobiles to people for just Rs 251, later this forgery was revealed.

Fake products are also sold through social media.
Nowadays, products are sold by promotion through social media and also by forming groups on platforms like Telegram. But the purpose of most of them is to earn money by telling fake goods as real or sometimes disappear after taking money. The product is promoted through all the pages on social media and by putting a photo of the original item, it is claimed to give that item at a very low price. If the product is delivered to you, it is either completely fake or a copy of the item shown. You have to be careful with this type of forgery as well.

Buy only from the website of trusted companies.
To avoid fraud and cheating, use only websites of trusted companies like Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio or Amazon. Here also good offers come from time to time. By getting advertisements done by big celebrities or by promoting in all other legitimate ways, these companies keep sending information about their offers to you. Even if a wrong product is delivered to you through these companies, then these companies are responsible for paying their customers for the same.

Avoid forgery of websites similar to well-known companies-
This is such a method of forgery in which we are cheated in front of our eyes. In this, by creating a website similar to the website of well-known companies like Amazon and Flipkart, products are listed for sale at throwaway prices. After taking full payment, such websites disappear overnight. You have to avoid this kind of forgery and recognize the difference between real and fake.

What to do if you are a victim of fraud?
If you are a victim of such fraud or fraud, then inform the police or file a complaint in the consumer forum. Even if you have faced such problems from a trusted online shopping platform, you can also file a complaint in the consumer forum. Can.