Online Gaming Rules: The government is going to regulate online gaming. A draft has been issued in this regard.

Online Gaming Rules: Important news for online game players. The government is going to regulate online gaming. A draft has been issued in this regard. According to this, online gaming companies have to come together to form a self-governing organization, which will be associated with the Ministry of Electronics and IT. Only companies registered under this organization will be able to do business in the country.

KYC will be mandatory

At the same time, people playing online games will have to get KYC done. Along with this, the companies will also have to display the rules along with all the things related to the game. However, what do children below the age of 18 have to do to get registered? This is not mentioned in the draft.

Online games are part of the digital economy

Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, “Online gaming is a big business. We want to encourage that. We aim to promote online gaming startups in the country. Investment in this business has to be increased as it has become a part of our digital economy. He said that 40 to 45% of online game players are women. Online gaming is now linked to artificial intelligence and blockchain. Keeping all these things in mind, the draft has been released.

Highlights of the online gaming draft

  • Companies will be able to set their direction and standards.

  • If there is a difference of opinion between the companies, there may be more than one self-governing organization.

  • Foreign companies which were advertising in the name of online gaming will not be allowed to game in India.

  • No betting on the outcome of the game will be allowed.

  • Gaming companies will have to appoint a grievance redressal officer of Indian origin. They will also have to provide their physical address and contact number.

  • The self-regulating organization will monitor whether the companies are following Indian law or not.