3D Food: Now soon your healthy food printer will design. You will also be shocked to hear this and start searching for such a printer. Don't worry, we are not talking about the black and white printer, but here we are talking about the 3D printer. In the coming time, it will be possible that this 3D printer will also print your food. 3D printing is a revolutionary technology, which has the potential to transform many other industries including the food industry. 3D-printed food is such an emerging technology, through which customized food will be prepared. The special thing is that this 3D printing technology will be used to make difficult shapes of all things like dough (dough), chocolate and even vegetables.

Benefits of 3D Food
Now you must be thinking that what will be the benefit of this to us? The biggest advantage of 3D food is food customization, that is, the food will be prepared exactly as you want. With 3D printing, it is possible to design foods that are essential to our diet. These include gluten-free and vegan food. It can also be used to prepare personalized food based on an individual's nutritional needs or tastes.

Nasa's plan too
Perhaps you will also be surprised to know that the American Space Agency NASA is also looking for a way to use 3D-printed food for its astronauts, where food will be prepared according to the diet of the astronauts. Let us tell you that NASA is exploring the possibilities of 3D food printing technology in collaboration with a Texas company.

But also loss
However, there are some challenges associated with 3D-printed food. The biggest concern is being raised that printing food with plastic material can be harmful to health. The high cost of 3D printers can also remove their access to people. But this technology of 3D food printing is still in its initial stages and many companies are researching it.