If you go out in your car or bike etc in a city like Delhi, it is hardly possible that you will not get jammed. There are many areas, especially in Delhi, where people getting stuck in traffic is almost certain. That's why most people consider it more appropriate to travel by Delhi Metro for their office, college, or other work. Traveling in the metro, which is called the lifeline of Delhi, saves time and secondly, you get the facility of AC. Amidst all this, soon the people traveling in Delhi Metro are going to get another new gift, after which your journey can be more spectacular. So let's know without delay what Delhi Metro is going to do. You can learn about this in the next slides...

This is the feature
If media reports are to be believed then people traveling in Delhi Metro will soon be able to do shopping during their journey itself. Yes, you read it right, because Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ie DMRC is working on this scheme.

Apart from shopping, you will be able to do these other things
Under this scheme, DMRC is going to give a new experience to the passengers traveling by Metro. In this, you will be able to do shopping only during the journey in the metro. An app will be launched for this. Not only this, passengers will be able to book autos and cabs from their destination stations to their homes. Metro cards will be able to recharge, and facilities like Fastag, insurance, and paying electricity bills will also be available on this app.

The app will be launched
According to media reports, DMRC may launch this app next month to give this new experience to passengers, which will be named DMRC Momentum 2.0 app. The best thing about the app will be that whatever purchases you make during the journey, you will get those goods at your destination station.

Will start from these stations now
As this feature can be started after the launch of the app next month. In such a situation, first, this facility will be started from 21 stations in Delhi, for which smart lockers and virtual stores are being installed at these stations. Passengers will get their ordered luggage in these smart lockers only. Presently there will be the facility of 72 smart lockers to which 24 more will be added later.

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